Basic Tactics

Rules of The Game


Basic Rules

There are 8 players in a team - four guys, four girls.
Each team is split into two “divisions” - two guys and two girls on each division.
At any one time a division is either in attack or defence.
The objective is for the attacking division to get the ball in the basket to score a point.
Every two goals the divisions change roles so you will have to both defend and attack during a game.
Deliberate contact is not allowed.
You can’t run with the ball so you need to set up opportunities by passing and working as a team.
Guys mark guys, girls mark girls.

Defended Shot

It is a foul to shoot whilst in a defended position.

A defended position is when the defender is actively trying to block the ball with their hands and all three of the following conditions are met:

  • The defender is close enough to the attacker that they would be able to touch the attacker’s chest.
  • The defender is closer to the post than the attacker.
  • They are facing the attacker.
You need to think of ways to get space away from your attacker or run past them in order to make a shot.

You can view the official IKF rules of the game here.


Standing Shot

The most simple shot - effecive at both short and long range. Watch the excellent technique of our coach Jon.

Running-In Shot

If you manage to get past your opponent you can try this high-percentage scoring option.

Veer Shot

A more advanced scoring option used to get away from your defender and take advantage of the extra space.


Collect / Rebound

The collect or rebound position is often seen by coaches as the most important position in the game. Good collect players can be the difference between your team winning and losing.

The general idea is that someone should take up a position at the post so that if someone shoots, the ball can be collected keeping possession for your team. A good collector will swiftly recycle the ball multiple times giving their team a big advantage - the more times you can shoot and maintain possession, the more likely you are to get a goal


Feed / Assist

In the feed or assist position you are aiming to set up another player for a goal. Often this will mean your team mates will try to run past their defenders and you can do a short pass to them so they get an easy running-in shot directly under the post.


Team Attacking


The Four-Zero Attack

The four-zero attack is the basic method to start an attack and is used by almost all team. Four-zero refers to having four players on the outside of the court and no players by the post.

The idea is to pass the ball around the outside to gather momentum and look for a weakness in the opposition’s play.

To get space, attackers will move in to the post forcing their players to follow and then veer away into space to provide a safe pass.