Training Times and Fees

Training Times

Training is 8-10pm on Tuesdays at Gordon Banks Sports Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Visit our Contact Us page for directions to the sports centre.

Free Beginner's Sessions

We love to get people involved in our sport. So that you can try it without cost we offer a completely free beginner’s course. The course involves:

  • FREE training sessions for your first 2 sessions at the club.
  • A dedicated beginner’s coach so that you can learn the correct techniques straight away.
  • Everyone at the club is super nice to beginners but we will take you to one side anyway so that you can make mistakes without fear of anyone seeing.
If you fancy giving it a go then you are free to just turn up at any training session. Dress code is normal sports wear (trainers, t-shirt, shorts / tracksuit bottoms) and you may want to bring a bottle of water as well.

Want to carry on training?

Once you have graduated from beginner’s school you are classed as a full member of the club and you will be allocated a team to play for and can enter tournaments with the rest of the club (please note this is not compulsory - if you want to just come to make friends, keep fit and don’t want to play competitive matches that’s ok!)

The costs of membership once your free period has expired are:

  • Option 1 - Pay As You Play - just pay £6 whenever you come to train or play a match. No commitment, no hassle.
  • Option 2 - Direct Debit - pay £25 per month by direct debit and this includes all training and match costs.

If you want to play some competitive matches then you need to pay a £25 annual registration fee to cover the costs of insurance and administration with the England Korfball Association and fill in an appropriate medical form.