What is Korfball?


Korfball is a basket sport like basketball or netball. However the rules are distinctly different from both of those making it unique. It is the only team sport that involves men and women playing together on an equal footing.

The sport was invented in the Netherlands in 1902 and it has grown since then to be played in 54 countries worldwide. Korfball has twice been an Olympic sport and currently enjoys regular World Championships and inclusion at the World Games.

The governing body for the sport in this country is the England Korfball Association (EKA). The IKF are the world’s governing body and have produced the promotional video opposite.

Action from the Highest Level

Watching the professionals play is a great way to get an insight into the sport - whether you are learning about korfball for the first time or you are an experienced player looking for help with improving your own game. Check out the match opposite from the World Championship finals in 2007.

Still Baffled?

Why not check out some of the basic technique tutorials in the tips and tactics section. Or even better come along and have a go with a free beginner's session!